Structural Engineering - Historic Restoration/Rehabilitation/Forensic Engineering

Bridger Engineers, Inc. has extensive experience in the structural analysis of existing historical buildings.  We have performed numerous studies to determine rehabilitation needs; formulate prioritized options and provided structural designs for rehabilitation.  We are familiar with the provisions of the International Existing Building Code (IEBC), ASCE 31, ASCE 41 and their precursors (Uniform Code for Building Conservation and various FEMA guidelines), which typically govern the rehabilitation of older buildings.  We have also performed testing, such as mortar bed shear tests, on varied buildings in order to effectively apply the code provisions to the rehabilitation of unreinforced masonry buildings.

Typical engineering services include:

  • Preliminary inspections and evaluations.
  • Destructive and non-destructive testing to determine historical material properties.
  • Comprehensive structural analysis of existing building structure.
  • Design of structural rehabilitation, structural and seismic mitigation.
  • Proper structural integration of modern structure and materials with historical and archaic structure in remodels and additions.
Bridger Engineers has provided forensic engineering services for owners, insurance agents and attorneys to provide expert opinions concerning various structural issues.  Typically, these are investigations to determine the cause of structural problems or to determine the requirements for repairing a structure.  When necessary, we have provided expert opinions for the courts.